Membership Requirements

Due to the popularity of the group it was decided at the Feb 2015 AGM to introduce Group of stalkersmembership requirements for stalkers to be part of the group.

The purpose of the requirements are to keep the group geographically focused and to only have stalkers that are prepared to be active within the group.

Stalkers Membership Requirements

  • Reside in the Cotswolds and/or have land with permission to shoot deer in the Cotswolds on which the prospective member is the main/lead stalker
  • Attend at least one event/meeting per annum
  • Shooting Insurance – Minimum £5m Third Party Liability
  • Agree to share all relevant membership details with all other members
  • Two stalkers and dogApply the ‘Best Practise’  as laid down by the Deer Initiative.
  • Encourage cross-boundary cooperation, support novices, eliminate secrecy, jealousy and fear of other stalkers.
  • Annual contribution of £5 to cover expenses of members of the group on official business.


3 thoughts on “Membership Requirements”

  1. David Muir of DMC Custom Cartridges bought this Group to my attention as I moved to Woolstone, SN7 7QS, 15 months ago

    I have DSC1 and the required insurances through BASC and The Deer Society

    I have NO direct stalking locally as yet, my stalking remains in the Eynsham/Deddington/Stonefield area my previous house area location, but that remains my area of employment as a Classic Car Restorer where my workshop remains

    I have moved to the area with house and 10 Acres

  2. Dear Team,

    I’m writing to request a bit of help, I’m currently a serving infantry soldier and due to the ever complex and growing commitments by UK PLC I’m finding it very hard to find stalking rights that will be sympathetic to the fact I need to go away for periods of time. And the rights I have had tend to get brought from under my feet whilst I’m away on my duties by people with a better bank balance than my own.

    Could you help in putting me in touch with such rights in your area, I currently live in Marlborough in Wiltshire but I’m based in Chepstow, Gloucestershire.

    I have all the relevant insurance’s, qualifications and the like. And always willing to learn more.

    Finally I suppose I should mention what I can offer you. Well I have a very good range of skills. From real life support first aid qualifications, to counter poaching experience. I’m also qualified to teach any skill set I have. I’m young(ish) fit and very broad minded with the ability to fit in anywhere.

    Mainly I have a superb skill at controlling foxes, using the latest night vision technology and marksmanship skills I dispatch a heck of a lot of foxes on the game estate I live on.

    Thank you for reading this request and I hope you can help me.

    Kindest Regards,

    1. Hi Craig,

      I just came across your Post.

      Firstly apologies if you haven’t had a reply from anybody.

      Please may I suggest you apply for Membership of the NC-DMG – the cost is just £5 p.a. and the membership requirement are posted on this site. From your email it looks as if you will qualify.

      You will than be given access to our members DataBase so you can try to make contact with some stalkers local to you.

      We are looking for active members, not just for a mailing list of people looking for land, as we have no land to give away.
      However you will find membership of our Group will be an advantage if you are trying to find land…

      There are occasional opportunities for teams of members to get land and we are working hard on developing opportunities, with a focus an conservation orientated landowners, crop protection and producing venison, and less so on trophies and antlers.
      Naturally you usually invite people you know, and not just know of, so it is fair to say that new members sometimes find it hard to get ‘in to’ the Group.

      As you can see on our website, we have a few events lines up (Estate Visit; Range Day) which would be a great opportunity to get an introduction to other Members.

      If and when you are registered as a Member please contact me again, I will than send you our .doc ‘How to find stalking land’ which has some useful tips and hints.

      Please contact me if you have any questions at this stage

      Kind regards

      Erik B
      Committee Member

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