What can the DMG do for me?

Engaging with the DMG is not about allowing lots of people access to your land carrying firearms in a random manner. We work with some of the country’s biggest land owners and have a set or proven procedures that mean that you will always know who/why and what is happening on your land.

We follow the best practise as laid out by The Deer Initiative and all of our members are fully insured and qualified.

As a landowner the DMG is able to provide the following services free of charge.

Impact analysis

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the impact that deer are having on an area. WithDeer Impact & Training Day 1 years of experience the DMG will undertake an impact analysis using traditional and modern tools to understand what impact deer are having and also which species are probably causing the issues. We will then produce a report detailing the findings and a proposed way forward. Sometimes this will be a general deer management plan, but other times it may focus on one particular species.

One off projects

As a result of an impact analysis or because you are well aware of the deer issues you have on the land it may be that a focus on a species, or a piece of ground for a limited time is the next logical step and we will organise that with you.

Deer Management

We believe that all ground should be managed in an ethical and safe manner for deer. This results in the correct population levels for a given piece of ground, a healthy population of deer and no deer damage issues for the landowner. This may take many forms that suits

Shooting from highseats is often the safest way to shoot deer
Shooting from high seats is often the safest way to shoot deer

the land and owner best. At the end of the day it is your land and we can only advise on the best way forward taking into consideration all of the parameters involved.

If you feel that any of these services may be of interest to you then please do get in contact in the first instance through telephone or email to and one of our members will contact you for an informal, no commitment conversation to explore how we may help.

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