Roe – Capreolus capreolus

Roe buckOpen Season in England & Wales

Buck – 1st April to 31st Oct

Doe – 1st Nov to 31st March

The roe is abundant throughout the Cotswolds area and is the smallest native British deer. With a coat that varies from dark grey-brown in winter to reddish in summer, but always shows a cream rump patch and insignificant tail. Compared to the Red and Fallow the antlers are small, but each set has its own individuality and interest.

Due to its current widespread population many people won’t be aware that 300 years ago it was close to extinction and was still very localised up to a century ago. There have been many re-introductions and the Roe has steadily expanded its range since the 1960’s. It is considered a pest in some areas due to the damage to agriculture and forestry that can occur when populations are not controlled appropriately.

Estimates of roe deer abundance across the UK, from Harris et al. (1995)

  • United Kingdom – 500,000
  • England – 150,000
  • Scotland – 350,000
  • Wales – 50
  • N Ireland – 0