Chinese Water Deer – Hydropotes inermis

Open Season in England & Wales

Both Sexes – 1st November to 31 MarchChinese Water Deer buck

Due to the similarity between both sexes and the difficulty that would pose for stalkers to differentiate between the two, the season for Chinese Water Deer is the same for both sexes. There are no known populations of Chinese Water Deer in the Cotswolds

The Chinese water deer originates from China and Korea, and is associated with lush riparian or swampy habitats. Smaller than roe deer, the males have elongated upper canines and no antlers. Chinese water deer were introduced to Woburn Park, Bedfordshire, in 1896 and Whipsnade Park in 1929-1930. Deliberate releases and escapes have resulted in the species becoming established in the wild since 1945, originally around Woburn then gradually expanding its range

The Chinese water deer has established itself mainly across south-eastern Britain. Its strongholds are in west Bedfordshire, the Cambridgeshire fens and the Norfolk Broads, but the distribution is discontinuous. Isolated records further afield probably reflect further introduction attempts.