Deer in the Cotswolds AONB

We have now completed the first stage of the Trail Cam project on six National Trust sites over the last year. The Cams have been funded by the ‘Visitor Giving’ scheme of the Cotswolds Conservation Board AONB. Apart from some frustrations (500 video’s of grey squirrels burying nuts; and some 200 photo’s of cattle roaming in a woodland…) the knowledge gained has been very useful for both National Trust staff and stalking teams. A compilation of some of the footage can be viewed here,  and has been uploaded to several other sites in the public domain. We hope that the National Trust Rangers will use the footage to entertain and educate school groups during site visits. We have also suggested to the National Trust that it would be fun to set up a LapTop or PC in a corner in some of their visiting centers and catering outlets, and show the footage on a continuous loop, a bit like an owl-cam, bat-cam or badger cam.

Some help required with video/photo editing

TRAIL CAM PROJECT (National Trust / Cotswolds aonb) :We are looking for some IT help: Later this year the hundreds of videos and photo’s made with the grant-funded trail cams have to be edited into a 12-15 min. slideshow so the NT can use it in its visitor centers in The Cotswolds. The project deadline is the 31st. October 2016. The vision is that the slideshow will be on continuous loop on an old laptop, so multiple copies of the slideshow have to be produced for the NT on a Memory Stick or DVD. We will also make the slideshow available on this site, and hopefully it will appear on the Cotswolds AONB site as well, and various linked FaceBook accounts.
Does any of you have the right software / experience to produce this, using the stills and video’s which are being uploaded on the NC-DMG account on DropBox? Any advice/suggestions welcome. We’re not looking for BBC 1 Wildlife standards, just a reasonably watchable slideshow showing deer and other wildlife. Members who are interested in a preview of the (so far unedited!) Data are welcome to do so, please email us requesting a Link.

Petition against ban on lead ammunitions

This is important. If the LAG (Lead Ammunition Group) have their way we will no longer have ammunition with lead in it.This will mean the loss of muzzle-loading shotguns and vintage breech loaders both black powder and nitro.With rifles it will mean the loss of classic “odd ball” calibres, early breech-loaders and muzzle-loaders. Copper and similar solids would undoubtedly mean restrictions on rifle ranges due to enhanced ricochet characteristics. For example a 100 yard range could become restricted to 50 yards or even less. Please sign the petition.

Volunteer stalkers required: ‘Deer Initiative’ and Woodland Trust project, Wye Valley

The D.I. is looking for applicants to manage several Woodland Trust properties in the Wye Valley, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. There is no license fee or lease to pay for, and you can keep any venison produced for yourself. Applicants need to be qualified to DSC2 level and have done the the Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry course. Members who are interested can download all the information here. If you decide to apply for or are interested in being part of a team of stalkers, this please let our Admin know so we can put you in touch with others within the Group and coordinate things.