Petition against ban on lead ammunitions

This is important. If the LAG (Lead Ammunition Group) have their way we will no longer have ammunition with lead in it.This will mean the loss of muzzle-loading shotguns and vintage breech loaders both black powder and nitro.With rifles it will mean the loss of classic “odd ball” calibres, early breech-loaders and muzzle-loaders. Copper and similar solids would undoubtedly mean restrictions on rifle ranges due to enhanced ricochet characteristics. For example a 100 yard range could become restricted to 50 yards or even less. Please sign the petition.

Volunteer stalkers required: ‘Deer Initiative’ and Woodland Trust project, Wye Valley

The D.I. is looking for applicants to manage several Woodland Trust properties in the Wye Valley, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. There is no license fee or lease to pay for, and you can keep any venison produced for yourself. Applicants need to be qualified to DSC2 level and have done the the Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry course. Members who are interested can download all the information here. If you decide to apply for or are interested in being part of a team of stalkers, this please let our Admin know so we can put you in touch with others within the Group and coordinate things.

Emergency First Aid At Work + Forestry course

9 Members attended the First Aid course (10 November 2015) which was delivered by Chief Instructor and ex Army Para-Medic Russ of CRT Medical Ltd.

The course was tailored towards lone workers in the Countryside with extra attention to chain-saw injuries; shotgun/rifle injuries; hypothermia and the tick-born Lyme’s disease. Massive advanced in emergency first aid have been made in the last 10 years due to the sad experience gained by the Forces in Counties such as Afghanistan and Iraq. We had demonstrations of and trained how to use  life-saving kit such as the Israeli Dressing and the Combat Application Tourniquet, as well as CPR and casualty assessment.

Some larger landowners now require the EFAW+F qualification from their deer-stalkers so having done the course is useful to those who have Forestry Commission land to stalk on.



Deer Park visit and venison butchery demonstration

On Friday the 11th. September 2015 we visited the Deer Park at the Berkeley Estate. The deer manager showed us around the site that holds some 300 Fallow and Red deer. After the tour one of our Members, a qualified butcher, showed us how to butcher a Fallow and Muntjac carcass professionally. The farmed Fallow was supplied by the Estate, and the wild Muntjac was hunted by one of our Members. The venison was vac-packed and shared between the Members. We had a great afternoon out with lovely weather and learned a lot about how to manage a semi-wild herd of deer for commercial returns, and our in-house butcher showed us many new cuts and tricks with a butcher’s knife and carcass.