Visit to Berkeley Estate and Deer Park

The Berkeley Estate is willing to entertain the NC-DMG,  provided the interest is there and we get enough members willing to go.  
The Estate has a large herd of Fallow, all colours as well as a large herd of Red Deer. We will have the undivided attention of the Head Ranger in which we can quiz on all aspects of managing Deer in the park, monitoring health, cull criteria etc.etc and a walk through the estate, larder facilities and so on.
In addition, Berkeley Estate is willing to put aside a room to have a butchery class for the DMG members, with a demo from one of our Members who is a Prof. Butcher.  The estate will supply the Carcass! So it’s a great chance to learn from two professionals during one visit!!
Needless to say there will be a small fee, and it will increase if we take the option of a carcass from the estate – the flip side is the “butchered” meat can then be shared out with the attendees – we’ll work this out in due course!
It’s also a good chance for the members to get together and those that rarely attend meets/events to get familiar with the rest of the DMG team!
What happens next:
  • In the first instance we need to determine numbers that are willing to attend. Please  contact Group admin.
  • Once we have the numbers then a date will be fixed  – It is hoped to be around second week in September after the holiday season is over.


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