Forestry First Aid Course

The EFAW+F qualification (a 1-day course) is increasingly a requirement demanded by some of the larger landowners, such as the FC. Others, such as the NT, as well as private landowners,  may well follow in their footsteps so they can proof ‘Due Diligence’ when appointing a Leaseholder of Licensed Stalker.
All other things being equal, if you put in a competitive bid for a lease/license, this may well swing things in your favour.

You may also have read reports in the shooting press of a new, soon to be launched, British Deer Society scheme of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) operating on a points system, so you get points for the DSC1, DSC2, Deer Manager qualification, Chainsaw handling, manual lifting training, EFAW+F, quad bike driving, 4×4 driving, etc etc.

It is entirely up to you if you feel you will benefit from having this qualification. For those who are interested, we have now found a Training Company with an instructor who is a  former military medic  with a specific interest in firearms injuries and lone-working first aid.

For a small group size the cost would be £65 (minimum of 4 participants) for the first 6 and £40 each additional person thereafter (And 20% VAT on top of that maybe…?) .  We would get a 10% discount for organising the venue and getting the group together.
On this course we would have a senior instructor teaching us forestry tailored first aid with extensive practical work and first aid resources. The instructor would make operational and first aid kit resources available based on each individual’s working environment. Certification lasts three years and is nationally recognised and meets Forestry  Commission standards for  whom this company does a lot of first aid training for in this sector.

A Group size of 4-6 can be accommodated at home (Location Woodmancote, Cheltenham), if we have a large amount of interested Members we would hire a venue (Location Guiting Power) which would cost an additional £5 or so per person.
If we have just a few interested Members than there may be an opportunity to join in individuals with a group from an organisation/company if there are placed available, but you may have to travel a bit.

The course will be planned for a weekday (not Friday) in November 2015.
Non-refundable payment in advance will be required once a date and venue has been announced.

To register your interest please email the Group admin and ask it to be forwarded.


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