Deer Impact Survey / Deer Count (31st. July 2014)

Message to ‘Team Joe’: The survey and count for this landowner will take place, meeting at 18.00 Hours in the location previously announced to you by email, after you registered your interest. We are planning several repeat visits over the Summer and Autumn and will Report to the Landowner by the middle of October 2014. All participants in the survey will get the opportunity to review and contribute to a draft copy of our Report before we submit it to the landowner. Please bring binoculars, camera, note-book, night-vision devices, suitable clothing (no Camo please!) and a drink/snack. We anticipate to finish by 22.00 Hours and meet for a de-brief at the local Pub.

Roe buck cull – Thursday 31st. July 2014

Timed to coincide with the Roe rut, and after most of the crops will have been cut, another modest collaborative cull is planned for mid-summer. We are trying to help five neighbouring farmers near Chipping Campden reduce crop damage by controlling the deer and keeping impact levels down to an acceptable level. Those who took part earlier this year may remember the epic mud and cabbage fields…in the end, and after a sustained effort, together we culled six Roe does (February 2014)- this time we are looking for 3-4 Roe bucks in one evening.