Thank you for all the ‘Expressions of interest’

A recent Post placed on the open forum ‘ ‘ under ‘deer stalking opportunities’ has resulted in a lot of positive responses from stalkers who wish to join our Group. We asked for DSC2 qualified stalkers in particular – nor because we require that, but many landowners now do.
All those that expressed an interest will be getting more information from us in the next few days, and will be asked to submit contact details etc. to our Membership admin. so you can be added to our contacts DataBase. That contacts database is distributed amongst all our members.

Deer impact survey and count – Summer 2014.

We have been asked to assist a landowner with a deer impact survey and deer count, to Report our findings by October 2014. This particular Estate has a resident population of Muntjac, Roe and Fallow deer. If you are interested in helping please let us know by email asap, we will than forward your details to the appropriate Member in charge of the survey. It will be fantastic to observe the Fallow hinds with their new fawns once the crops have been cut; and to spent some time at night during the rut (October 2014) listening to the rutting bucks.